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Goa IVF Centre, one of the top IVF fertility clinics in India, offering a complete range of fertility services, including IVF treatments. Our expert, highly experienced team have helped women and their partners from all over India and overseas to achieve their desire of becoming parents.

At GOA IVF CENTRE we know that from the moment you are experiencing problems with fertility, this can be one of the most challenging and stressful times in your lives. We understand that everyone has their own unique fertility situation and emotional response to the news that they will struggle to conceive naturally.
Success Stories
Mrs. U.I.K. from Margao, 27 year old, case of hypopituatory hypogonadism concerned with intrauterine insemination. With triplet pregnancy, cervical encirclage done during 4th month of pregnancy for short cervix. She delivered by Caesarian section on 25/08/2005. 2 boys & 1 girl with average birth weight & healthy babies.
K. R. from U.K., 28yrs old, case of infertility, male factor with a zoospermia (absent sperm count) undergone Ovum Pick Up on 29/06/09. 12 oocytes were retrieved, 7 grade 1 embryos obtained, 3 embryo transfer done on 02/07/09 but no conception, 4 grade 1 embryos cryopreservation done, frozen embryo transfer done on 02/03/2010. Conceived. Presently she is 4 month pregnancy growth parameters of fetus is Normal.
Mrs. T N, 26 yrs, conceived spontaneously with hypertension. She delivered by caesarian section as on 01/04/10 under General Anaesthesia for induction of 8 month pregnancy with absent fetal movement with intrauterine growth hypertension with breech presentation with finding of pregnancy in Right Rudimentary horn, delivered baby boy weighing 1.6kg with no abnormality placenta incerta present, operative procedure done - caesarian section with excision of Right Rudimentary horn with left Salpingectomy done.

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